SGIStuff - A site featuring information, history, high-resolution photos, tips and tricks and more for most SGI systems. Created by Gerhard Lenerz between 2001 and 2014, became essentially inaccessible (due to the server sending an incorrect Content-Type) in early 2018. Also features in-depth pages on software, graphics options, and Gerhard's computer collection. Includes excellent photos of just about everything it talks about, including parts.
Apocrypha Cube
SGI Apocrypha - A collection of projects such as Nekonomicon, The Lost Chapters, and more. These are small subsections of the larger archive that are incomplete, obsolete or of below quality, but are seen as of value nonetheless.
Silicon Surf 1994 - The official Silicon Graphics website, circa 1994. As many users didn't have access to the internet in 1994, the site was distributed on a CD, which was eventually found and uploaded by Dan Rich to his site at This version of SiliconSurf predates Wayback Machine archives, and, as such, is the earliest known copy of SGI's website. It features then-new systems such as the Indy, Indigo2, and Onyx, as well as usual company website information such as news, technical details, investor information, and more.
SGI Developer Forum '95 - Though originally released as web files stored on a multimedia CD, SGI's Developer Forum '95 site is just as functional online as it is offline. Also archived by Dan Rich (see above), Developer Forum '95 is a multimedia CD released by SGI after said developer conference. It contains pictures of the event, details of its happenings, audio and video recordings of presentations (though some are in IRIX-specific formats), as well as slide decks and a wealth of information useful to the developers the CD would originally have been given to.
Crimson/Power Series/Onyx RealityEngine/RealityEngine2 Info - Detailed information about Onyx, POWERSeries, and Crimson systems, written by an employee (seemingly named Simon, judging by the email address given) of the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service's GIS Unit, which used many SGI systems. Features pictures of machines and parts, useful hardware information, parts lists, slot descriptions for numerous configurations of system, and more. Originally mirrored by, separated into an independant archived site when sgistuff was mirrored by
Silicon Graphics IRIS 2000/3000 FAQ - One of the earliest SGI "hobbyist" documents. A plaintext file distributed around USENET beginning May 24th, 1993 and last revised June 6th, 1994, providing details about the early 68000-based IRIS (1000, 2000, and 3000 series) systems. Written by Jonathan Levine, who describes himself as "a hardware engineer with no prior UNIX experience". Originally mirrored by, separated into an independant archived site when sgistuff was mirrored by
This Old SGI (aka. "4dfaq") - A website, initially published on December 10th, 1996, and last updated July 2nd, 1997, and written by A. J. Corda. Contains information about 4D-series SGI machines (Professional IRIS, Personal IRIS, and POWERSeries). Was apparently hosted on Geocities until 2004, when it was removed by Yahoo. Sometimes also called "4dfaq" (this name may have originated from the URL it was archived at on SGIStuff). Originally mirrored by, separated into an independant archived site when sgistuff was mirrored by
IRISVision on eBay - A page containing with the text and images from the sale of a new-in-box IRISVision card on eBay, including screenshots of the page. Hi-res images of IRISVision hardware, packaging and pack-in materials.

The SGI Archive

Information about obscure or old topics (categories most certainly occupied by SGI systems) gets lost easily. SGI has done little to preserve significant details of their past (we don't blame them, they've got a company to run and/or bankrupt three consecutive times then sell twice). Throughout the years (all the way back to Jonathan Levine's 1993 IRIS FAQ!) hobbyists have tried their best to preserve and organize information, however many of the older sites which once held this information are no longer operational. The SGI Archive is a project of The IRIX Network to re-release SGI-related information which is no longer available at its original location, or which was never available online.

This page only lists content which is no longer available online (or never was available), and has been re-hosted on IRIX Network servers. For currently operational SGI websites, please see our list of other sites.

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