Developer Forum '95 Photo Album

For those of you who were not able to attend the Forum, here are some photos to give you an idea of the activities and attendance at this year's event. For those of you who were there, maybe you'll find yourself in some of the photos.

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The Setting

The Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose was the place.

You knew you were there when you saw this...

The Forum Signs

Good food was sure to be found (and eaten) And the band played on...

There was food and entertainment...

What to choose, what to do...?

while attendees decided which sessions to attend.

Once Things Got Started...

Kirk Loevner's Welcome to the Forum

Kirk Loevner welcomed the attendees to the Forum in the opening session.

Forest Baskett's keynote presentation Joe Dinucci's Rousing Keynote talk

Forest Baskett and Joe DiNucci, among others, gave keynote talks.

the crowd in the Imperial Ballroom

It got pretty crowded in the Imperial Ballroom from time to time.

Then the "Real Meat" of the Forum...
The Technical Sessions, Labs and Office Hours

A presentation in the Regency I Room A presentation in the Imperial Ballroom

Some talks were in smaller rooms, while others took place in the Imperial Ballroom.

Lab time in the California Room Working in pairs in the Crystal Room Lab

The labs were almost always full.

Teaming up on the Office Hours staff One-on-one help during office hours

Office hours were very popular; time-slots filled up quickly (we'll remember that next year).
Some people came in groups to get questions answered, while others came for that one-on-one help.

We Did Take Breaks...

Eating at the Tent More eating at the tent

Mostly to eat, of course. And there was plenty of food to digest at lunch while you were digesting the content of the sessions you just attended.

The Campus Visit

Campus Visit Food (of course) at the Campus Visit

The campus visit provided opportunities to hang out (and eat more food)...

A Division's Display at the Campus Visit A Magician says

see the divisional displays, participate in some magical goings-on...

Yikes!  I got scanned!Campus Store

get "scanned," and maybe even buy an SGI T-shirt or two.

After Hours

We don't have pictures of the activities in the labs after hours. However, many people came to play games and surf the Internet until Midnight each night.

Maybe that explains the bags under our eyes...

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