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Welcome to the Developer Forum '95 CD Set. This three-CD set integrates sNt technology, video, audio, Showcase® slides, photos, and text in a streamlined multimedia framework to capture the wealth of cutting-edge technological advancements presented at Developer Forum '95.

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Getting Started

Now that you have configured your system for optimal performance with the Developer Forum '95 CD Set, you are ready to plunge into the veritable sea of valuable technical information that was presented at Developer Forum '95. This CD set consists of the following items:

We encourage you to set aside some time in your busy schedule to take advantage of the wealth of information contained in this CD set. You can go through the material at your own pace, based on your particular interests and needs.

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Contents by Volume

Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3
  • Videos
  • Keynote addresses  
  • Photo album
  • Software
  • Presentations      
    (half of them)
  • Documents and
    white papers
  • Presentations      
  • Labs
  • Note: All three volumes contain the needed Netscape browser, viewers and HTML files. As a result, you can use the CDs in any order.

    Introducing sNt

    sNt is a tool that we designed specifically for this CD set. To learn how to use sNt, to see an overview of the Forum CD contents, and to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the Forum CD Set was created, click on one of the following buttons:

    Presentation Audio Slides
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    Note: trt stands for total running time.

    Volume 1 of this CD set contains an enhanced introduction to sNt. This sNt presentation requires
    16 MB of free disk space. Click here to install and run the enhanced introduction to sNt.

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