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Software Packager: Making Your App Inst-able

Desktop Integration and User Interface Style Guidelines

Open Lab on all Developer Magic Tools

Developer Toolbox: The Real Scoop from the DTjanitor

How to Use RapidApp


How to Do Performance Analysis

TFP Performance Strategies and Tricks: Part I - Fundamentals
TFP Performance Strategies and Tricks: Part II - Advanced

WorkShop ADA '95

Hypermedia Authoring with the InSight Development Toolkit: Frame to SGML and HTML

Related to Tracks: Software Development Tools, Desktop Integration

Internet Surfing and Web Authoring

This open lab has been set up to allow both new and veteran Internet surfers to experience the World Wide Web on a Silicon Graphics Indy workstation via the T1 line we had installed exclusively for Forum '95. And those interested in Web authoring can also have on-hands experince with SGI's web authoring environment. And Victor Riley will be on hand to suggest interesting URL for people to visit and to answer any questions.

Open Inventor: Hands-on Lab

Internationalization is Straightforward if You Know How

Performer Lab: Codewalk Performer Town/Museum

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