Developer Forum '95
Technical Presentations

A presentation in the Regency I Room

This year's Developer Forum featured 49 technical sessions and 58 presentations. With this number of presentations, finding them can be a chore. Below are several ways of getting to the presentation you might want to view or play back using the sNt program. The presentations are organized as follows:

By Track

The sessions are organized into 12 tracks that follow a certain theme. By clicking on one of the tracks below, you'll see a list of the presentations considered to be part of that track. Since some presentations cover subjects common to more than one track, each tracklist includes a list of related presentations. The tracks are as follows:

By Presentation Title

This page lists the presentation titles and the corresponding abstracts.

By Presenter

This page lists the presenters in alphabetical order (by first name), their biographies, and their presentations. Or you can access an individual directly below.

By Time and Day

This page displays a graphical representation of the Forum schedule. You can view the entire three-day schedule or the schedule for a particular day.

Presentation Index

This page lists all of the available presentations.

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