Techno Corner gives the SGI customer a window into technical information on Silicon Graphics' systems, from our news groups to white papers. Some of this information is archived and maintained by outside organizations.


3rd and Final IndiZone Games Contest.

Blix is the maze game that won the IndiZone II contest in the category solo games and is now available for downloading.

Workstation/Client Periodic Table

View Silicon Graphics' Workstation/Client periodic table.

Silicon Graphics User Groups

Get involved in the Silicon Graphics User Group in your area.

WAIS Archive of News groups

comp.sys.sgi archive - This is a searchable archive of comp.sys.sgi news groups, maintained by Harry Mangalam ( at the University of California Irvine.

Technical Resources

The following is technical information, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) and links to the Silicon Graphics FTP Archive.

OpenGL Center

OpenGL is an industry-standard API for graphics programming. OpenGL is a vendor-neutral interface, which can be found on many different hardware platforms, from PCs to workstations.

IRIS Explorer Centers

Section contains information for the IRIS Explorer data visualisation system.

IRIS Performer

IRIS Performer is a software development environment for implementing high performance graphics applications.


The ImageVision LibraryTM (IL) from Silicon Graphics is an object-oriented, extensible toolkit for creating, processing, and displaying images on all Silicon Graphics workstations. The library provides image processing application developers with a robust framework for managing and manipulating image

IRIS Impressario

IRIS Impressario provides high performance printing and scanning solutions for end users, applications developers and driver developers.

IRIS Inventor and Open Inventor

This section contains information on IRIS Inventor and Open Inventor, SGI's comprehensive solution to interactive graphics programming.

Read about ISDN for INDY.

Grafica Obscura is a compilation of technical notes, pictures, and essays collected by Paul Haeberli, a Principal Scientist at SGI and an all around image guru.


Technical Papers

This area consists of technical papers written by Silicon Graphics employees or partners. This is information that we feel might be of interest to the Silicon Graphics community or the general Internet community. The papers are organized into subject areas for browsing convienence.



Software Applications

Online Publishing


OS Section

Silicon Graphics, Inc has announced the newest versions of its IRIX operating systems.


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