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Tradeshows and Events, 1995

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December 15, 1994

Table of Contents of the January/February 1995 issue of Pipeline is now available.

Leilani Gayles Named Vice President Of Human Resources At Silicon Graphics. Silicon Graphics, Inc. announced that Leilani Gayles has been named vice president of human resources worldwide

Silicon Graphics' Interactive Technologies Unveiled With Time Warner Cable's Full Service Network FSN System Software and Interface, CHALLENGE Media Servers and Set-Top Technology Deployed in Powerful Interactive Television System

December 14, 1994

Worldwide Calendar of Tradeshows and Events 1995 is online.

December 13, 1994

Visit the Web servers of our Developer Program partners.

December 9, 1994

Announcing the world's most exciting web authoring and serving giveaway! Enter to win an Indy workstation and Challenge S server from Silicon Graphics.

December 8, 1994

New information on a variety of software development tools offered by Silicon Graphics has been added.

December 6, 1994

The IndiZone game contest information has been updated.

November 17, 1994

A new whitepaper on modern WAN networking is now available.

Five new press releases have been added to November headlines.

  1. Silicon Graphics Introduces POWER CHALLENGEarray.

  2. Silicon Graphics Supercomputing Technology Power Advanced Aerospace Design At NASA AMES.

  3. Silicon Graphics and NetManage Techology Alliance To Bring Collaborative Technology To Windows PCs.

  4. Silicon Graphics Introduces Full-Media 3D Collaboration With New Iris Annotator.

  5. Silicon Graphics Unveils New Era In Visual Manufacturing SiliconWorks.

November 10, 1994

Indigo2 - The most powerful combination of graphics and processing power available on the desktop

Another new SGI partner on the web! Digital Tools is a privately-owned software corporation dedicated to providing superior products for managing enterprise-wide workgroup projects across multiple platforms and geographic locations.

November 8, 1994

New Applications on the Silicon Graphics Platform.

There are currently 1913 registered applications available for the Silicon Graphics platform. Here's what's new since August 25, 1994.

Silicon Graphics' CHALLENGE SMP Servers Lead Industry In Network File Server Performance. The Challenge SMP servers posted record-breaking file server benchmark results, representing the best single system performance in the industry.

Silicon Studio Reveals Future of Entertainment Authoring.

November 7, 1994

New information on IRIS Impressario -- a suite of software that provides high performance printing and scanning solutions for end users, applications developers and driver developers -- is available.

CBS News Harnesses Silicon Graphics Technology. Silicon Graphics, Inc. and CBS News have created the first live, on-air computer graphics designed for November 8 election night coverage.

The IndiZone 3 contest deadline is now passed. Here's the update on the status of the contest.

November 1, 1994

Silicon Graphics presents POWER VISUALIZATION, a no-cost technology briefing.

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